Part-Time Business Ideas-How To Earn Money With A Full Time Job In 2021

It seems that you have a job right now, but looking for a part-time business idea clearly shows that your job is not enough to fulfill your dreams or perhaps your personal and family expenses.

This is usually the case with 9 to 5 jobs unless you have been assigned a CEO seat for an exceptionally well-funded company. That’s why 27.7 million people in the United States have a part-time job or a business.

Part-Time Jobs Statistics USA

A 9 to 5 can’t give you the freedom of time and the amount of money you want in your 30s. You want to spread your wings. Let’s keep traveling on the side, with a  normal job, you will always have a load of paying the bills for water, gas, and electricity.

But this shouldn’t be the case anymore. You can earn few extra bucks by using very fundamental skills in a short time.

Once you start a profitable business, you can get freedom and live the life you want.

But this requires extra effort to get that extra amount of cash.

In fact, you have two options to choose from. The first one is to start a part-time job with your full-time job. In this case, you would surely get some amount of cash but it doesn’t look to be a game-changer for many employees.

To get freedom and become your own boss, you have to choose the second option and start your own business. 

While most US companies have not yet called employees back to the office, many remote workers have a secret job alongside their main job. Pandemic is promoting a new trend of 2 jobs, 2 laptops and of course 2 managers.

I know it sounds strange to do another job with a lot of stress from the one that you already have, but this is what you need to do if you want to become your own boss and finally say goodbye to the 9 to 5.

Come out of your comfort zone…

It’s the only way to get financially strong and live the life you dream for. But the point is, it is riskier to start a new business and completely rely on it. 

However, it is so important to not put yourself at risk by quitting your job without having a second option.

You should not take this path, because there will be huge pressure on you to become successful with that business.

So what’s the solution?  What is the risk-free way for employees and students to make extra money? 

The only answer to this question is to start a part-time business

What Is A Part-Time Business?

Doing business along with your studies or job is called part-time business. Starting a part-time business of your own is a good idea but this may not be easy for everyone. To be honest, not a tough one as well. Everyone can become an entrepreneur and can start a business. The only thing you need to have is commitment and energy to achieve success. 

Along with energy, you need to work smart to convert it into a full-time business later. You have to make the most of your time. Proper time management plays a key role in building a part-time business because you need to manage your 9 to 5 job as well and give time to your family and health. 

For students and employees who have an entrepreneurial mindset, thinking about a new journey and starting a business is always hesitation, but they know this is a great option. Sometimes you get upset when you try to do something new and perceive the name of the ‘start your own business. It’s not only you, most of us think that business is only for big players. Because it requires more money, more time, and attention.

But that is not the case.

Yes, you need time, money, and attention to do business. But not as much as you think.  Starting a new business needs motivation, managing it requires discipline, and promoting it needs extraordinary marketing skills.

But where will you get these? Is there any institution that teaches you how to set a price for a specific product in a specific region?

The answer is no, because, doing business is a  skill that you can only learn by practice.; That’s why I always say that you must give it a try. It has many advantages that can change your life positively and improve your financial status.

You should realize that a part-time business is in no way inferior to a big business. But it is a stage where you establish your skills, learn marketing, and finally, get set for the next level.

Rules For Starting A Part-Time Business

There are no specific rules for starting a part-time business. However, you need a basic idea and a time management plan for it. Using your limited time properly is key because you do not have enough time for your business. Taking care of your job at the same time is a priority for you. Your boss demands you to offer them your best.

The 3-4 hours are the most important investment that you spend to build your small business part-time. Keeping this in mind, you need to have an idea for a business that can generate revenue and reward you for your efforts.

It is great to do some paperwork before going into the practical field. This will give you an idea of how things will go in the future.  What kind of product do you want to sell. And importantly, how to create that opportunity without compromising on your current job.

Creating A  Part-Time Business Opportunity As An Employee


Part Time Business Ideas With Job

9 to 5 jobs are also a way to keep turning the wheel of your financial life. I know there are many critics of 9 to 5 out there. To be honest, I am also one of them.

But you should not reject it until you find something better than your job. The solution is to create an opportunity for business while doing a full-time job.

As I mentioned earlier, there are two things you can do part-time.

1- Start A part-time business

2- Start another part-time Job

Whenever you ask the question, what should I do part-time to earn extra money? You always get the same answer to this question, which is “ start a part-time job.”

Do you think that this answer is what you are looking for and is a good fit?

Absolutely no. Instead, the best answer you should hear is” start a part-time business.” A business that can fill not only your wallet but also your bank accounts.

How To Decide Which Part-Time Business is Right For You?


rules for starting a part-time business
Your boss may not like your part-time job if it is in the same field. So you should not start a business that is against your job and the rules it has. Go the opposite way and try something new.

For example, if your job is about selling a physical product,  you can start an online business, if not, you should start an offline business that does not conflict with your job and boss.

You should not compromise on your current job until your business is up and running. That’s why it’s good to ask and tell your boss about your plan if you want to make it without any interference.

Benefits Of Starting A Part-time Business

Before jumping to the part-time business ideas, it would be great to motivate yourself it by reading about the benefits and advantages.

It is time to know about all the benefits that you can get from a business, especially from a part-time business. So this will motivate you to start your journey. That’s going to be a game-changer for you.

Low Investment

The first advantage of a part-time business is that you can start it with a little amount of money. You do not need a treasure of money to start your journey. The first step is so easy and straightforward. Rather, you don’t need money if you want to start an online business or freelancing.

For a full-time business, you need more money, a good number of employees, and an office where you can manage that business.

But part-time business is just the opposite. Here you will need a limited or even no amount of money, no employees, and no office to get started.

Fear of Loss

Another great advantage of the part-time business is that it reduces the risk of loss. You may be wondering how it is possible to have a risk-free part-time business.

Every day we hear about businesses failing around us for multiple reasons. How can you keep your business secure from losses?

Let dive deeper to understand. You can start a part-time business with a little money. 

No matter how much it is, even if it all goes away, you will not go bankrupt. It is not a basket full of eggs. You can always come back and stand again. 

Flexibility of Time

The all favorite advantage is that you can do part-time business at your favorite time. That is, you can do it when you are free from the job. No matter at all if you can’t do that every day? Try it on the weekends. 

Just cut out a little time from your entertainment time. Leave entertainment for a short period. Give that time to earn some bucks. An entrepreneur has to lose something to gain something. You should keep this in mind.

Low Pressure

One of the great benefits of a part-time business is that you are not under pressure to succeed. Well, you want your business to succeed—that’s for sure.

But the pressure to pay the bill?

The pressure of paying the rent and all other expenses will not be on your shoulders. Because of the job (9 to 5 ) you are paying for all these things which give you a kind of freedom to do business. 

Profit is Reward

It’s a different feeling as an employee to make money through a conversion, that is, by selling something. This feeling is entirely different from the job. It’s not just a feeling, it’s an experience, and above all, it’s an inspiration to succeed. The money you earn will go to your pocket as a reward along with important lessons you learn.

Buying And Selling

There is a big difference between a job and doing business. In the job, you sell the service, but in the business, you sell a product. Choosing the right product before selling the product is a skill you can learn in a part-time business.

What is a good product to sell? How to sell your product? Who is my targeted customer? All these things you learn in practice and by doing yourself. You can never learn these by reading books or watching videos on the internet.

Coping With Situations

In a part-time business, you have to deal with different kinds of situations. For example, you sell burgers part-time.

Now all of a sudden, all the burgers sold out in an hour. What’s the next step? Or you made burgers, and they aren’t selling, all that’s left. What to do now,  what is the next step?

The customer came and complained about your burgers. He or she is not happy with your product. Now, what is the next step? How to make your customers happy?  These situations will happen to you every day, and you will have to deal with them. This will make you mentally strong and prepare you to run a big business in the future.

Preparing For Big Businesses

And last but not least advantage of the part-time business is that you can now run a big business as well. You learn all the things you need in running and managing a big business. You become practically ready to run a large company.

And if you are ready! great.

Now it is your job to turn your small business into a big company and show off your entrepreneurial skills.

Part-Time Business Ideas

Now you know how good is to start a part-time business, it’s time to look at some ideas that can do some magic for you. Before jumping to the ideas, you should know that Ideas are valuable only if you implement them, otherwise, the unique idea would not do anything for you if it is just running in your mind. 

So, come out of the box.

They say taking action is everything.

Before taking the step, a good idea is also important. I have collected some of the easiest but profitable ideas that would increase your income on the side.

Real Estate Agent


Real Estate Agent - Part time business ideas

Real estate is a business model that suits everyone. No matter who you are and what you do, it’s a business that requires less effort and facilities. To start this business, you only need to have a smartphone, just find the property owners wanting to sell the property. Find the contact details of the owner and start searching for someone to buy the property. 

You don’t need to have an office, staff, and money in your bank accounts.

Put ads on your social media accounts so your friends and followers can see them. Most often, the neighbors are interested in buying the plots near them. Find their contact and inform them about the property that is for sale around their home. This way, you will make a deal easily.

You will have to keep your smartphone attached to your ears. Making a large number of calls is a part of this part-time business. Be ready for this!


This idea is best for you if you are a student or a teacher. In the evenings, teaching others what you know will be great, not only for you but for others as well. Because other people will also become experts in the subject in which you are already an expert. 

This can be anything like language-speaking, handwriting, mathematics, science, gardening, cooking, graphic designing, content writing etc. The only step is to start teaching and make money for what you know.

Become a Driver


Uber Driver-Part time business ideas

Uber and other rental services are becoming increasingly popular. These services are now available in almost every country in the world. To become a driver, you need to register with your city’s taxi service. Drive your car part-time and earn some extra money every day. This model gives you time flexibility. You can work whenever you want.

Become A Delivery Boy 

Food and fresh grocery delivery services are also becoming a trend fast. Deliver food to customers and start earning money in your spare time. Instacart  ( A fresh food and grocery delivery service ) is becoming popular every day. That’s why Amazon has also jumped into this field. With AmazonFlex you can deliver any product, anytime and anywhere in the US.

Car cleaning


Car Cleaning-Part time business Ideas

This may look like a difficult task, but finding a car to clean is simple and easy. You can clean the cars of your neighbors, office colleagues, and friends. This is a good idea if you are willing to do some hard work. 

If you don’t want to do it by yourself because of your soft hands, then hire someone else to clean the cars. Your job is just to find the customers, I mean cars.

Part-Time Business Ideas From Home

Sometimes it looks difficult to go out of your home which I call a comfort zone. Thanks to the internet, it has made things easy for us. There are several ways to make money while staying in your comfort zone. Some of those ways are following


Freelancing is one of the most popular methods nowadays to earn money online. The basic thing is that you do not need to go anywhere. Your PC and internet connection are your resources for this income stream. 

You can choose your favorite job in multiple categories and do what you love and earn money in return. Upwork and Fiverr are the most popular platforms out there for freelancing. If you are someone who has fewer skills, there are some job that doesn’t require any skill like becoming a virtual assistant for others.


Blogging is another way to make money from home. Just create a blog on a topic and start writing articles to get traffic to your blog. Once your blog starts getting traffic, monetize your blog, and start making money.

I know it’s not that easy to drive traffic but you can optimize for Google SEO. If you cannot write articles yourself,  use Fiverr and Upwork to find the best writers on any topic.

Create An Online Course

It’s not about teaching engineering and science or something that looks difficult for you. You can teach anything that you know and are experts in. It can be cooking, exercise, programming, graphic designing, gardening, web development, and much more. 

You can sell your course on multiple platforms like Udemy Udacity teachable, and Kajabi. There are thousands of people who are earning a great amount on these platforms.

Amazon FBA


Part time business ideas Amazon Selling

Fulfillment by Amazon is a great opportunity if you want to run your business from home.  Choose a product, buy it, and send it to the Amazon warehouse. Create a list on the Amazon website and start getting orders from customers. 

Amazon will take care of the rest. Your job is to watch your product selling on Amazon. The only step that requires a little effort is choosing the right product. But you shouldn’t worry about it. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube to learn the process of finding a good product.

Part-Time Business Ideas Without Investment

Starting a part-time business without investment is not something tough.  You can choose any online business here because you do not need to put in the investment to start working online. Time is the only investment that you make. The more time you invest, the more results you will get.

It can be freelancing, blogging, and selling a course online.

Part-Time Business Ideas With Low Investment

In case you are not interested in an online business, you can start an offline business with low investment. This business is about selling one food item in your spare time. Which I call one dish millionaire idea.

Sell one dish, make it special and different than the rest, and become a brand in the industry.

Selling burgers is an idea that requires a low amount of investment. Make burgers and sell in the evening, if not then you can do this on the weekends This idea is not only about burgers, it can be anything that you think would sell well. No idea is small. Here is how this student makes millions by selling tea.

Part-Time Business Ideas For Students

Not surprisingly, as a student, you want to have some pocket money so you can enjoy parties with your friends. Here is a list of business ideas that you can start without disturbing your studies.

List Of Business Ideas For students

1-Real Estate- you only need a smartphone to start this business

2-Freelancing on Upwork-Fiverr and other platforms

3-Blogging about any topic 

4-Creating An Online Course on Udemy, Udacity, Teachable, and Kajabi

5-Amazon FBA- sell products on Amazon

6-Become a one-dish millionaire- make a dish and sell it in your part-time

7-Become a driver for car rental companies like Uber, Careem, and ola

8-Food delivery- start delivering food and groceries to the customers

Use Instacart to do so

9-Car Cleaning- clean and shine the cars and get paid in return

10-Amazon Flex- Deliver products to the customers anytime, anywhere in the US.

Now Which Of These Ideas Is Best For You?

It depends on your schedule and the amount of money that you have. In case you want to spend time with your lovely family, then you should focus on starting an online business. It will help you to be at your home with your family.

Amazon FBA is a great choice if you have 1k to 2k us dollars. This is enough money to start and take the road. Just find a good product and start selling it on amazon. There is a really good chance of success if you choose the right product.

Blogging is another online business that may be best for you. Well, I recommend you to start it, anyway. Share your experience with others on your blog. Use it as your social media platform. Once you start getting traffic, this will become the best part-times business for you.

In case you do not want to sit in front of your computer anymore. The computer screen is no more attractive to you, then one dish millionaire is a great model to start. Just make one good dish and sell it in the evening or whenever you like. You will just start earning money in a few days.

What Are You Up To?

I shared the best part-time business ideas and the advantages that they have. Now it is your turn to start implementing the idea that you like the most. And do not forget to tell me in the comments about your favorite idea that you are going to implement.