How To Delete Bitget Account Permanently In 2023?

How To Delete Bitget Account

If you are looking to delete your Bitget account permanently, then this is the guide is for you.

Today I will show you how to delete a Bitget account with a few easy.

How To Delete Bitget Account Permanently In 2023?

To delete your Bitget account permanently, log into your account. Then go to ‘security settings and click the ‘delete account option under the account activity.

How To Delete Bitget Account Permanently In 2023 Step By Step?

Step 1- Log In to your Account

The first step is to log in to your Bitget account using your account credentials, such as your email and password.

Step 2- Go To The Security Settings

After you have logged in to your account, now click on the ‘Profile Icon’ and navigate to the ‘Security Settings’.

Step 3- Click On Delete Account

In the ‘Security Settings’ you will find multiple options. You need to Click the ‘Delete Account’ under the Account Activity option.

Step 4- Confirm The Deletion

Now Bitget will ask you to confirm the deletion of your Bitget account. A pop-up will appear with terms. Read them and agree then click the ‘Confirm’ button.

Enter the password again and click on ‘Next’.

Now Bitget will send you a security verification code to your email.

Enter the code to delete the Bitget account finally.

Things To Do Before Deleting Your Bitget Account

It is very important to take every step carefully as a crypto trader. So is the deletion of your account.

That is why you must check that you have taken the following steps before going for deleting your Bitget account.

  1. You will lose your account and will never be able to access this account again
  2. The account credential (email, name, password) will be lost
  3. Make sure that you have withdrawn all your assets 

Deleting any crypto exchange account is easy but requires serious attention to properly do it.