I Am Inaam!

My nickname is so simple.  Because I love simplicity. And I want to share something special and simple about me.

I am 25 years old and obviously want to add a few more 25s. But you have to pray and wait for it that’s right!

The first thing I want to share with you is my love for good food. And you shouldn’t ask why?

Because it keeps me healthy and charged to do something special. And I will keep this as a secret that I love salad than anything else.

The other thing that I love most is exploring new pieces of earth. It feels awesome. Tourism is the second thing that I love most. 

The third thing that I love most is sharing my thoughts with others. I love to tell people what I think about different things.

No doubt the Internet has opened many ways to share thoughts with other people, but I love to put my word on paper. 

I love writing and it is also made simple by the internet. Here my blogging story starts.

My Blogging Story

As I said earlier, I love writing. And this was the biggest element that forced me to start a blog.

We all know that a writer doesn’t write to hide. Every writer on the planet wants to share his content with the world.
Every writer wants to share his or her thoughts with the world.

One of the best ways to do it is Blogging. I chose it and started blogging
This one is my third blog and I really love it. here I share what I love and what I know.

I love to read what others think about me and the content I produce.

In the blog section, I have shared really awesome articles with you, so don’t wait and get there to comment on my latest blog post. I love your beautiful comments!