How To Delete Okex Account Permanently

Delete OKex Account

If you want to delete your Okex (OKX) account permanently, then I will show you how to do it exactly step by step.

Let’s dive in:

Things To Know Before deleting Okex Account Permanently

There are a few things to know before deleting your Okex account.

  • Once the account is deleted, this will be permanent
  • The account can never be retrieved back (you cannot get access to your account once it is deleted
  • All transactions that are not completed will be canceled
  • You will not be able to withdraw your assets from the account
  • The mobile phone number, email, and identity information attached to this account can not be used for a new account anymore.

How To delete Okex Account Permanently

You can also freeze your Okex account. This is recommended because you can unfreeze it in the future which is suitable for your investments.

However, if you want to delete the Okex account permanently, then follow these steps.

Step 1- Open Okex Account

The first step is to open your Okex account and log in.

Step 2- Go To Settings

The second step is to click on the profile and go to security settings.

Step 3- Click On Freeze/Close Account

After clicking on security settings, click on the freeze/close account.

Read all the risk notifications carefully before proceeding with the account deletion.

check the relevant terms and click Close account at the bottom of the page again.

Step 4- Verify

Before you can continue, you need to bind your account with Google Authentication.

If your account is already bound with Google Authentication, then you can continue.

Next, enter your mobile and Google Authentication code and click on Confirm to delete your account.