How to Withdraw Money from to Bank Account

If you want to withdraw fiat money from to your bank account, you are in the right place.

In this article, I will show you how to withdraw fiat money such as dollars and euros to your bank account from the exchange.

How to Withdraw Money from to Bank Account?

Since you are looking to withdraw fiat money from the exchange, you already have an account there.

And for a good reason, the account has some amount in crypto or fiat that you want to withdraw.

Here are the things you need when withdrawing fiat money from to your bank account:

  • account
  • More than $100 US dollars or its equivalent crypto
  • Linked bank account with

Steps To Withdraw Money From To Your Bank Account

Below, I am showing you how to withdraw Fiat money to your bank account. The process is super easy and simple.

Step 1- Open App


The first step is to open the app.

Step 2- Click On Sell 

After opening the app, click on ‘account balance’ to see the available balance ( cryptocurrencies that you own).

Next, you will find 3 options:

  • Buy
  • Sell
  • Transfer

Select the ‘sell’ option. 

Step 3- Click Sell To Fiat Wallet

Then will ask you whether you want to sell it to another crypto wallet or a Fiat wallet.

Click on Fiat wallet and select the native currency that you use in your countries such as USD, EURO, or GBP. 

After selling to a fiat wallet, you will now receive the fiat money that you can find under the fiat wallet.

Step 4- Withdraw To Bank Account

Once you have sold your crypto to the fiat wallet, it is now very easy to withdraw it to the bank account.

Go to ‘fiat wallet’ and click on transfer.  

A new window will pop up with two options. Click on ‘Withdraw’ and pick the currency (US dollars) that you want to withdraw.

Click on the bank that you have linked to your account. If you haven’t linked it yet, then click on ‘add another account to link your bank account.

The final step is to click on ‘Withdraw Now’ to complete the fiat transaction from to your bank account.

Step 5- Confirm The Withdrawl

After clicking on withdraw, you will get a confirmation screen where you can see details of the withdrawal including:

  • Withdrawn amount
  • Possible Fees
  • Processing Time
  • Recipient ( Bank account)


Withdrawing money from to your bank account is easy and simple. You only need to sell crypto to a fiat wallet and then withdraw to your bank account from the fiat wallet.