What Is Ledger Live And How Does It Work?

If you are looking to know about the Ledger Live app?

Then I guess you know more than a beginner about cryptocurrency and how it works.

Ledger Nano x is one of the most secure and solid hardware wallets to store, buy, and hold your cryptocurrencies.

Ledger nano is safe, solid, crypto wallet that is the number one choice of all crypto holders.

But today, I am not going to review the Ledger Nano X wallet. 

Instead, I will review and tell you about the Ledger Live app which is the companion of the ledger Nano X wallet.

What Is Ledger Live App./?

Ledger Live is the app that allows you to manage your crypto in the ledger nano X.

Ledger Nano X is a hardware to store your cryptocurrencies securely.


Ledger Live is its companion software that is used to control your portfolio.

It is not only about managing the assets you hold in Nano x Nano blue. But it enables all the users to buy, and sell cryptocurrencies that are supported by the hardware.

What Are the Features Of Ledger Live?

There are multiple features that you need as a crypto trader that Ledger LIve offers you. I will take you to each of them to better understand what is it and how its features work.

1- Manage your portfolio

The first and most important feature of that Ledger LIves is that you can easily manage your portfolio [crypto funds] that you have.

The user interface is so clean and user-friendly that a beginner can easily use it without learning about it.

You can check what cryptocurrencies you have in your hardware wallet.

2- Send and receive crypto

Keeping your funds in the hardware wallet does not mean that you can not move them.

With the live ledger app, you can easily send your crypto funds to other wallets, and exchanges you want.

You can also receive from other exchanges, and wallets using the Ledger Live app.

This feature enables you to transfer crypto everywhere, anytime you want.

3- Buy crypto using Ledger Live App

With the Ledger Live app, you do not need to go to third-party exchanges to buy tokens and crypto coins.

The Ledger Live app allows you to buy 50+ cryptocurrencies that you can buy directly on the app.

YOu do not need to go to other exchanges to buy crypto.

4- Track the Prices

As a crypto trader, my eyes are always on the price list of the crypto. We check it again and again and we can ignore it.

Ledger Live app provides you with the latest market prices for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, XRP, and almost dozens of more currencies.

5- Monitor your NFT portfolio

Another great feature for web 3.0 users. Ledger Live is an app that features NFT portfolio management. You can now see what NFTs you have.

YOu can also send your NFTs to other accounts with full transparency.

How To Download Ledger Live App?

Ledger Live is free to download and is available on all devices like desktops, Macs, Android, and IOs. YOu can easily connect using any USB cable (C type to A type) for connecting your hardware wallet to the Ledger Live app.

What will happen if I delete my Ledger Live app?

In case you delete your Ledger Live app, you will not lose your funds. Because your security [private keys] are always safe until you tell these to someone else. Just download it again and it will start working with the same account once you enter the private keys.