5 Time Management Tips To Make You Feel Like 30 Hours A Day

24 Hours a day, 60 minutes an hour, and 60 seconds a minute. 

That is what you and everyone on the planet get every day.

That’s for sure, you know.

No matter who you are and what you do.

You will get the same amount of time. It will never change forever.

That is something common between you, bill gates, and all other billionaires.

But the question is where does the difference come?

Why do some people do a lot of work every day and others don’t?

Why sometimes a day feels like a week and a week like a day?

The reason is…

Mismanagement of time…

Here the time management comes to play its role.

To be productive and active, you have to use the best time management techniques. 

You have to use your time wisely and make a lot of it.


It’s very important to follow the time management strategies that work.


The right use of time makes people successful. Raises them to the heights of fame and the world begins to take their name. Just because they make their time valuable and use it properly.

On the other side, because of the waste and misuse of time,  most people Fail in every field in their lives.

As an entrepreneur, you have only one option.

Use your time like gold.

Use your time wisely to move forward, succeed, and make money.

Every hour, every minute must be protected so that you get the fruits of the right use of time.

Best Time Management Tips

Today I am going to share with you all the time management tips that will help you manage your time and save it from being wasted.

After applying these tips, you will feel like 30 hours every day.

Remove overdo

My favorite formula of time management for students, employees, and everyone is 

“Do not waste your time”.

Time will automatically be saved when you stop wasting it. To stop wasting your time, stop giving your time.

What Do I mean by this?

Actually, the first thing you need to do to save your time is “don’t give anything more time than it deserves”.

There is a time for every task in which it is completed. If you give something more time than it deserves, it will waste the time of the next task.

This is not fair with the next task because you will not be able to give it that much time and attention.

Make a list of the things you spend most of your time and set their limit.

Plan for the future and resolve not to do so again. I promise it will save a bunch of time for you. This formula works great for entrepreneurs.

Creat To do list

I think I should have mentioned it first

Because when you make your to-do list, it will tell you everything you do in a day, so I recommend you make your to-do list. The tasks that you are going to complete every day.

Then write down the time in front of each task in which it will be completed.


Now next step, Write down important tasks first so that you can deal with these tasks first. This will also save time and make the next task easier for you. 

It will be great if you Keep this list everywhere around you.

This list should also be written on paper on your table. This list should also be on your mobile and computer so that you can work according to it whenever you need it. This is a bonus tip for you.

Don’t Overuse Smartphones

Nowadays, one of the most time-consuming things is smartphones. Everyone has an addiction to it.

I think you will be affected as well.

Am I right?

I think I am 100% right.

The problem is that human doesn’t even realize that my time is being wasted. As soon as you open it, so many things come in front that it only takes hours for everyone to check, especially social media. 

We don’t really need to use it (Social Media) that much. 

Only email is important, but there is some software you can use to save time. 

Another tip is to keep all the software in a hidden folder so that it does not appear in front of you again and again. It helps you to keep your attention on your work.

Don’t Overthink

Believe me, I am affected by it myself.

One of the problems is that when you think of working, you keep thinking that all the time is wasted in it,.

So avoid thinking more and start working immediately. 

You should understand that

Just thinking can not complete the work. You can get rid of this just by starting and doing it.

One thought gives rise to another, second to a third, and so on. But if you get up and start working, this will complete your task and this does not give rise to other things. So stop thinking and start working. This will lighten the load on your shoulders.

Work Smart

There is almost a tradition that human succeeds by working hard and this is absolutely true.


Does working hard mean giving more time to something?

Let’s understand this with an example. 

Mr. A has to memorize two chapters. Mr. B also has to memorize two chapters. Mr.A reads the lesson carefully, thinks about it, and learns it in an hour by studying smartly. Mr. B  on the other hand takes four hours to memorize these two lessons.

He also tires himself. The mind also gets tired, but the result is the same. 

So now you decide who is better, Mr. A or B?

Of course, your answer would be Mr. A. because it took him one hour to memorize the lesson. While Mr.B spent four hours memorizing the same lesson.

Who worked harder?

You would almost think that Mr.B worked hard because he worked four hours and saw, thought, and learned the lesson but that is not the case.

Hard work is not just about the time used, it is about the result.

And the result that Mr.A got in one hour means he worked harder, used his mind more and more correctly and saved three hours.

While Mr.B wasted three hours of his life doing one hour of work in four hours.

You should never be like Mr.B in your life. You have to be smarter. One of the best ways to be smart is to use resources that are available to us.

Here are some examples of smart work,

When I want to write some text, I use Google voice typing to make it easy and smart. This helps me a lot when it comes to long-form content.

I have also downloaded the tailwind app, which helps me to set a schedule for my social media posts.

To send emails, Gmail already has the option to schedule and send it at a specific time.

If you want to be successful and not waste your time, save time by using resources. Work smart,  because smart work takes less time and gets the best result for you.

So promise yourself today. That you will work smart in every field of life.