SEO in 2021: The Secret To Ranking On The 1st Page Of Google

Has SEO changed in 2021?

The biggest question for bloggers especially for those who have started or planning to start in 2021. with some more like…

What are the SEO trends in 2021?

Are there any SEO tricks that are not gonna work in 2021?

Is there a shortcut SEO trick that can get me on the first page of Google?

In this complete SEO 2021 guide, you will get the answers to these questions and the secret to ranking your blog on the first page of Google for the very first time in your digital marketing career.

Is SEO Still Important In 2021?

Whether it is 2021 or 2019, if we talk about the importance, SEO never loses its value. If you want traffic from the search engines, which is a great way to drive potential traffic that converts more than traffic from other channels like social media. Then you need SEO.

As far as search engines exist, you can’t ignore the impact of SEO. You need to optimize your content according to the search engine, then you can get a reasonable number of visitors to your blog. In fact, other channels like Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn can help you as well in terms of traffic.

Search engines send you visitors that are looking to take an action, and this is what you are waiting for.

Content Vs SEO

It’s very well known that your content has to be king.

You understand,

And there is no doubt that your content should be perfect and according to the user’s intent. But just not enough unless you are optimizing it properly.

Until then, your king content will remain hidden from the readers. Those who want to read your content would never find you.


Because as much as it is necessary to write King content, it is also important to promote and optimize it. You have to reach your content to the people so it wouldn’t go in the garbage.

There are thousands of articles about optimizing your content the right way. But?

You are still not ranking on search engines. I ask you why?

Because of two reasons!

1-Not applying the rules

2-Not knowing what is important

These two reasons make people leave their blogs. Just because they are not ranking and there is nothing to encourage them. Seeing your post on the search engines motivates you more than anything else. But if you don’t. it also discourages you.

So It is 2021 now. This year I want to see your blog ranking on the first page of Google. That is the goal of every blogger, no doubt.

SEO in 2021 is not difficult but needs some work from you. So be ready!

As I mentioned above that most bloggers don’t apply the rules. Or maybe not applying them the right way.


Now you know what is the main problem.

So what is next?

It’s time to do SEO the right way. The updated and smart way.

Since Google is constantly changing its rules, SEO is also changing. It is important to keep your content updated with fresh SEO techniques.

So today, I will share how you can optimize your content in 2020.  How to do SEO in 2020. What are the things you need to focus on the most?

There are things that matter all the time, whether in 2019 or 2020. And there is something that is trending in 2020. That is why this is a complete SEO guide for you in 2020. You will learn all the important SEO techniques today.

Keyword Research For SEO In 2021

Keyword research is something I think is most important. Finding a good keyword is still as important as in the past

If someone asks me what is the most important part of SEO?

My answer will be keyword research.

Your ranking chances depend on the method of your keyword research.

If you do this step the right way, you will rank. Yes, I promise you. You will see your blog ranking on Google.

But doing it the right way takes time and a little work.

So I’ll tell you in detail how to do keyword research perfectly.

How can you find the right keywords?

How to find simple perfect keywords?

First, let me explain a bit about what keyword research really is.

Keyword research means which keyword do you want to target.

For which keyword do you want your content to rank.

You have to be very patient and prepared to complete this process. Because this is the thing that people do not give much attention to. As a result, their content does not rank on Google.

If you do this step correctly it will be easier for you to rank.

Keyword Research depends on the following things

  1.       Monthly searches of the keyword
  2.       SEO difficulty (chances of ranking)

You have to keep these two things in mind while selecting a keyword. The first one is search volume.

Let me ask you a question here

Do you want to rank for a keyword that people don’t search for?

A keyword that doesn’t have any searches on Search engines.

The answer is clear.

 No, no one wants.

That is why you should target keywords that have decent monthly searches. So if you rank, you will get traffic. If you are a regular blogger, I recommend you target a keyword that has at least 500 monthly visits. This is not a specified number, but below 500 isn’t worth it if your domain authority is above 50. If you are a new blogger, then target long-tail keywords to get amazing traffic.

The second aspect is the chances of ranking for that keyword.

In simple words, the competition for that keyword.

You have to choose a keyword that is not difficult to rank for. 

What does it mean?

If there is high competition on a keyword. The chances are less to rank. In the opposite case, the chances are high.

So you have to select a keyword that has decent traffic and low or medium competition.

Ranking for such kinds of keywords is not difficult. In my own dictionary, I call it simple perfect keywords.

Now we know that simple perfect keywords are best for new bloggers.

Because they are easy to rank and they have a decent amount of monthly searches.

It is time to take the next step and see how we can find simple perfect keywords.

There are several free and paid tools to find that kind of keywords.

Since you are a new blogger or you don’t want to spend money, I will share free but the best tools to find the simple perfect keywords.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Planner is Google’s free data tool. So it provides very accurate data. Even though it’s built for Google Ads.

But you can use it for keyword research as well. Let me show you how to use the Google keyword planner.

It is very simple and easy. No worries!

How to use Google keyword planner?

Once you log in, a window will open. In this window, you can see discover new keywords. And a filter that gives you the opportunity to set a specific location and time. What country and what time duration do you want to set.

Google keyword Planner-SEO In 2020

For example, you can only target the United States and get data from October to November.

It will only show you data for the keyword from the US and October to November.

But I recommend you to set the location to worldwide and set a date of at least 6 months so that you know the performance of that keyword during a specific period of time. When you set up the filter, now simply type your favorite keyword. As I did here.

Keyword research-SEO In 2020

Google will now show specific data for that keyword.

But the good thing about it is that it suggests all the keywords related to my keyword. That is great because you can also select keywords from them.

For example, I have entered a keyword “writing tips”.

Now Google has suggested to me almost 800 related keywords. That is awesome. That is why Google is great. Google shows average monthly searches, competition and a lot more.

But the game is not over. It has just started. All those keywords are not Simple perfect keywords.

You have to make it manually. 

What do I mean by that?

I mean that you have to combine many keywords to make 1 great keyword. You should apply this rule when you can’t find a simple perfect keyword with the help of these free tools.

Before going towards the next step, let’s check another free but a great tool to find simple perfect keywords.

Ubersuggest For Keyword Research

The other tool that is great and also free is Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest. This is Neil Patel’s tool that gives you keyword data.

It also shows you monthly search volume, related keywords, and SEO difficulty.

It tells you how many links you need to rank on the 1st page of Google.

Another cool thing about this is that it also lets you view the ranking pages for the targeted keywords. This can help you to guess what kind of content you have to create to rank. 

Just click on the blog that ranks on top and see how you can create great content. Now that you’ve got several ideas about your favorite keyword, you are now only one step away from finding a simple perfect keyword to rank. And that is the Google search bar. Yes, the Google search bar is another tool to get keyword ideas.

Let’s see how it works

Google Search Bar

This step is very simple and easy, but it is great and helpful. Just type the keyword that you want to target. As I did here.

As you can see that I have entered a keyword “writing tips”.

Google Search Bar-SEO In 2020


And Google has suggested several keywords that are related to my keyword. Actually Google is telling you that people are searching for those keywords as well. You can select one of these keywords to target. And some more keywords at the end of the page just like this

Related Keywords-SEO In 2020 (1)

You have got hundreds of keywords to choose from. It is time to pick one of them or make a keyword manually. But you have to keep in mind what I said earlier. The monthly searches and competition for ranking.

Our main keyword “writing tips” has also a low competition and decent monthly searches. But

I will target another keyword that has SEO difficulty (competition) of only 6 and 1300 monthly searches. That keyword is “writing tips for essays”. 

Ubersuggest-SEO In 2020

This keyword has been suggested by ubersuggest. It is time to create content for that keyword by adding LSI keywords. In simple words, LSI keywords are all the related keywords that are suggested by Google. This helps you to rank for several keywords that you are not targeting actually.

Keyword Use In Content

Whenever you want to create content, consider your reader first, Not the search engine.

Therefore, the use of the keyword should be appropriate. Use the main keyword according to your content length. Obviously, the word you are targeting should be included in the content section.

Meta Description

The meta description is the 160-character summary of a web page or blog post. It must include your main keyword. The meta description is not that important for SEO. But if you write a catchy and comprehensive meta description. it can earn clicks and visitors to your blog. You can consider meta description as a second title which has some details as well. Your catchy title should be followed by a catchy meta description to get clicks.

The first mission is to rank on the first page of google. The second mission is to get clicks after ranking on the first page. Here meta description comes to play its role.

First Paragraph

The first paragraph is very important. You must use the main keyword in the first paragraph of your content to make it clear to the search engine what you are talking about.

This will make it easier for search engines to understand your content. You should care about it because new bloggers do not pay attention to this.

After the first paragraph, write naturally without thinking about the keyword frequency. If you are writing for your reader, then the keyword will get its rightful place in the content.

Short URL

I don’t think you value short URLs that much but you are committing a mistake. And for the future, you should shorten the URL.

but how to do it?

Here it is, when you publish an article, the title of your post automatically becomes part of the post’s URL, which is usually too long. So before you publish an article, set its URL by adding only your main keyword. Just like the post you are reading

How long is its title but I have only added the main keyword in its URL.  So the search engine simply knows that your post is about SEO in 2020 and starts to rank you for the main keyword.

So whenever you post, be sure to shorten its URL.

Image Optimization For SEO

No website or blog looks good without images. Images make your content beautiful, without images your content looks boring. Images are reader-friendly and helpful to understand the content.

There are two things about images.

1-      Your content must include images

2-      You must optimize the images

This will greatly help your blog’s SEO. Image optimization consists of two things. One has to do with website speed which I will explain later.

The other thing is the ALT TAG. Include the main keyword in the ALT TAG section when uploading an image. It is also good for image search.

That’s it.

But there is a mistake that most bloggers make. And that is adding several images under one ALT TAG.

This is not good for SEO. The solution is to select images that are perfectly related to your topic. Then add an ALT TAG that is related to that image. 



Interlinking is a great way to increase the bounce rate of your blog.


What is interlinking?

Linking your own content to one another is called an interlink. There are many benefits to interlinking.

This will help Google to access web pages and posts that were not previously accessed by Google. Secondly, it will improve your website’s bounce rate.

The bounce rate is the time a reader or visitor spends on your website. The more time a user spends on your site, the better your website’s bounce rate will be.

So always try to link to those pages that do not rank well on Google from ranking pages.

This will also improve the ranking of these low ranking pages. Interlinking is all about earning without losing anything.

Out links

Linking to another website from your website or blog is called out linking. It is really needed and it is an important part of your content. Always add two or three out links in your content that will improve your reputation in Google and also that is great for SEO.

Following are the benefits of linking to other relevant sites and blogs

  1.       Improves your site reputation
  2.       Makes chances of getting backlinks
  3.       Gets traffic to your site
  4.       Creates engagement with other bloggers

And there are many more. But you should keep in mind that everything looks good when it is in the limit. Don’t overdo it. It might not look good for your reader.

The King Content

To be clear, all the SEO techniques that I am sharing in this article are to rank the king content. If your content is not high quality, then you are not going to rank high on Google or any other search engines.

Visitors want to read high-quality content. And Google wants to rank high-quality content.


You must create king content to make both of them happy. 

Let’s see what is king content that ranks high on Google and all the search engines. The definition of king content is

“The content which satisfies the readers and gives a solution to their problem is called king content”

Now you know what is king content, it is time to learn how to create that kind of engaging and attractive content 

Although there are many things to keep in mind for creating high-quality content, I will mention the basics here.

King Content Rule#1

The first rule of king content is to create detailed content. You have to cover the topic which you are writing about in detail. There should not be any question left in the reader’s mind after reading your article.

In other words, you have to create in-depth content. Which should cover the topic from A to Z. This kind of content shows that you are an expert in the industry. Which is loved by Google and the reader. This will build your reputation.

King Content Rule #2

The second rule of king content is simplicity. The topic should be covered in a clear and simple way. Many bloggers use complicated language just to look professional. But, you should avoid this. Professionalism does mean that you should use big words in your content. As a reader, I love simple language. I love articles that are described in a simple way.

And that is the case of every reader. You should talk to the reader like a friend.

King Content Rule #3

The third rule of king content is to make it interesting. Your content should not let the reader get bored. The best way to keep the reader engaged is by using examples.

The great benefit of the examples is that it shows the reader that they can implement what is being told in the article. And when the reader thinks so, he or she will become interested in it.

Engaging the reader is an art you have to learn.

King Content Rule# 4

The last but not least rule of king content is to avoid errors. When there are errors in your content, no one will read your articles because you will not be trusted. It will break your relationship with the readers.

The best way to avoid errors is proofreading.

Proofreading is a protected and professional way of clearing your content from errors. As far as grammar goes, you can use the software as well. For me, Grammarly is the best tool to check spelling and common grammar errors.

Guest Blogging

If you want a good, short, and fast way to improve your ranking, that is guest blogging.

Guest blogging lets you get traffic for free and increase your domain authority.  Guest blogging opens the door to reach a higher audience. It can make you famous even before your blog. 

There are many more benefits to guest blogging which I think needs an article. For now, you should know why it is so important to get backlinks. How to do guest blogging the right way?

But before we dive to learn how to get magical traffic increases with the help of guest blogging?

 Let’s know what guest blogging (guest posting) really is?

What Is Guest Blogging?

Writing an article on another website or blog is called guest blogging. It is that simple and easy. There are some rules of guest blogging as it has its benefits.

The first rule is to set which blog you have to write an article on.

Is it related to your content?

Does it have a higher audience?

What is the domain authority of that website?

You must answer these questions before pitching a guest post. First of all, you should pitch a guest post on a blog that is related to your topic.

For example, if you are blogging about health, you should never try to write on websites that are related to finance…


Because this will raise doubts about your expertise. Second, you will not be able to write great content to impress the website and its audience. So make sure that you are pitching a guest post on a blog that is relevant to your topic.

Another thing you need to take care of is the traffic to that website.

Because the purpose of the guest post is to get you backlinks and improve your ranking. But if that blog doesn’t have decent traffic or if its domain authority is low, it will not benefit you that much. Because it will not get traffic to your blog.

Always pitch a guest post on blogs that are having decent traffic and high domain authority.

This will give you amazing results. There is no better way than a guest post for more visitors and reputation in less time. Therefore, I recommend that you write at least two guest posts a month.

Fast results with less effort and in a short time. That is the magic of guest blogging.

Site Speed- The Key SEO Factor

Do you prefer site speed as a ranking factor?

You may not but Google considers it a ranking factor. Site Speed is so important to the user that when a website doesn’t open quickly, people exit it. If people exit, Google will also stop you from ranking, which is why website speed is so important for ranking.

Using large-size images can make your blog load slower.

You need to reduce the size of your images to improve website speed. You can do this before uploading the images, which is good. But you can do that later as well with a plugin called WP Smush.

WP Smush

If you are a WordPress user, you can compress images with WP smush. This plugin automatically reduces the size of the images you upload. You don’t have to do anything.

Some bloggers don’t use images in fear of low speed. I think this is a mistake.

The images make the content so beautiful and reader-friendly. A reader can understand the content better when it has images. The best way is to use images and reduce their size.

The best way to do it is by using WP Smush and jpeg format. Jpeg images are of low size with enough quality. 

WP-Super Cache

The other plugin is WP super cache.

This plugin is a must-have for all WordPress users. This plugin helps you to speed up your website easily. You can learn how to install and use WP Super Cache.

To check your website speed, there are 3 best websites.

  1. Google Speed Insights
  2.  GT Matrix 
  3.  Pingdom

These websites don’t only show your website speed, but it also shows you the solution to improve it. Check out your website speed every week so you can keep it updated.

Yoast SEO-Best Plugin For SEO In 2021

Yoast SEO is the best SEO plugin for WordPress users. The best part is that it keeps telling you how to optimize your content for SEO. Which makes it user-friendly. 

It has a free and pro version, but the free version has so many features that they are also exceptional.

Using this software is not at all difficult, whether your website is new or old, Yoast SEO is a very important plugin. It shows the SEO position on each of your posts and pages through a dot.

A red dot means your SEO is in a weak position.

Orange dot means your SEO is normal. 

A green dot means your SEO is good. But you should not worry about making all the lights green.

For example, if you have used the keyword in the right place but less, then Yoast will tell you that your keyword frequency is low.


If you cannot find the right place in the content to use the keyword, then don’t use it in the wrong place to make the light green. That is not good for user experience. Yes, if you do some adjustments and use it properly then no matter.

One thing I find very important to mention here is that Yoast SEO does not always rank you number one automatically. But provides you with a basic SEO that helps you to rank on the 1st page of Google.

Along with the Yoast, you have to create the best content and apply the techniques I mentioned above,  only then you can rank on the first page.

Use LSI keyword

LSI keywords…

What are they?

Very simple!

LSI (Latent semantic indexing) keywords are those keywords that are related to your main keyword which people search for.

For example, when you search for your main keyword on Google. It will suggest many other keywords that are similar to your keyword and have searched.

Try to add them to your content as well. Not only will this rank you for the main keyword, but you can also rank for other suggested keywords without working hard. This step is ignored by many bloggers but this is a very useful tip. So be sure to add related keywords to each of your articles.

Mobile Responsive Website

Is your website mobile responsive?

Google will give you an answer to the question. Just type your website address in Google mobile-friendly test. Google will check your website and tell you that your website is mobile responsive or not.

Here a question comes to mind…

Why mobile responsive is important?

Because if your blog is not mobile responsive, then you are going to lose 50% of traffic. Nowadays, people read blogs on their mobile phones instead of PCs.

Mobile responsiveness has a huge impact on your ranking. Google does not want to rank blogs that are not easy to read on mobile phones.

Having a responsive website improves your SEO. If your website is not responsive, people will not be able to easily use or navigate. When they cannot navigate,  Google will not rank you. Because Google also wants to show users websites that are mobile-responsive.

Many WordPress themes come with a mobile responsive option. So the easiest way is to use a good WordPress theme that has a responsive feature. 

Google Analytics

Now you have created a blog. You are sharing your content with the world. It is time to check who is visiting your blog. From which country do you have more visitors? 

To check this…

I think the best tool for website owners is Google Analytics. You can see all your visitors in detail. Like

  • Number of visitors
  • Country of visitors
  • Visitor’s device
  • Time of visit

In addition, there are many features that I think should not be free but Google is giving you all this free.  

You can also see real-time visitors through Google Analytics. Don’t forget to set up Google Analytics for your blog 

Google Search Console

As for Google Analytics, it is mostly about getting information about visitors.

While Google Search Console is about website admins. You can track your blog’s performance on search engines.

With Google Search Console you can view your ranking keywords. 

It tells you the backlinks your website has and above all, it tells you about the errors and how to fix them.

This is why all business bloggers use the Google Search Console. I highly recommend these tools to build your online business.


Now you know all the SEO techniques that you need in 2021. 

To rank your blog. 

To get visitors.

The process is to

  • Find a simple perfect keyword
  • Make high-quality content
  • Use the SP keyword in the content
  • Include images with the ALT tag
  • Use short URLs
  • Use interlinks and out links

That is the juice of the SEO in 2020 guide.

The last and final step is to inform me about your SEO position after implementing these techniques. You can inform me in the comment section as well as on my social account. I am really excited to see your blog ranking on Google.

So go ahead and take action!