How To Withdraw From Poloniex

How To Withdraw From Poloniex?

If you are looking to withdraw your funds from the Poloniex exchange, then I will show you how to withdraw from this exchange with step by step guide.

How To Withdraw From Poloniex On Mobile?

In the first step, I will show you how to withdraw from Poloniex using your mobile.

Step 1- Log In To Poloniex

The first step is to log in to your Poloniex account. You can do this by entering your email and password.

Step 2- Click On Wallet

Once you are logged in, click on the ‘Wallet’ option that is available at the right bottom of the home screen.

Withdraw From Poloniex

Step 3- Click On Withdraw

Next, you will find three options such as:

  • Deposit
  • Withdraw
  • Transfer

Click on the ‘Withdraw’ option.

Step 4- Select The Coin

The next step is to select the coin that you want to withdraw from Poloniex. You can find this by scrolling down or typing the name of the coin in the search bar.

Now, you have selected the coin, enter the amount of that coin you want to withdraw.

Step 5- Enter the Network & Deposit Address

Select the network and the deposit address( the address of that coin on the other receiving exchange).

Withdraw From Poloniex Mobile

Step 6- Enter the Password

Enter your login password to confirm and click on ‘continue’.

Now Poloniex will send you a confirmation email. However, if you have enabled the 2-factor authentication, then you do not need to confirm on the email.

How To Withdraw From Poloniex On PC?

Step 1- Click on the Wallet

The first step is to click on the Wallet section at the top right of your screen.

Withdraw from Poloniex on PC

Step 2- Click On Withdraw

Click on Withdraw and select the asset you wish to withdraw. 

Step 3- Select Netowrk

Select the network you wish to withdraw with.. For example. USDT is based on multiple networks. Keep in mind that the network should be the same on the receiving side and on the withdrawal side.

Step 4- Enter The Address & Amount

Enter the address of the coin on the receiving exchange, and the amount you want to send. If you’d like to withdraw all your funds, you can click Max Amount to do this easily.

How To Withdraw from Poloniex

Step 5- Review And Continue

Now click on Continue, and review your withdrawal information such as the network, and withdrawal fees before finalizing your withdrawal.