What Is WABI Coin? And How It Works

What Is WABI Coin?

The recently spiked WABI coin has gained the attention of the crypto industry.

WABI connects brands and consumers by enabling and facilitating the fair, trusted transfer of value between them.

The WABi is an ecosystem that aims to enable brands to Reduce marketing expenses.

The system also rewards the consumers with WABI coins for engagement and connecting brands with the consumers.

What is WABI Coin?

WABI Coin is the crypto coin behind the blockchain-based service that connects consumers and brands. The WABI token is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token with a maximum supply of 100M.

By incentivizing users with WABI Coin rewards, brands can generate new types of data for market research, testing, and strategic decision-making.

The WABI ecosystem is a win-win game for both brands and consumers.

Using WABI, consumers have many advantages such as:

  • They  receive discounts on products
  • Receive rewards and referral bonuses

On the other side, Brands get insights into consumer behavior which is the most important and valuable factor for growth

WABI’s Walimai app is transforming the way customers buy products. The Walimai app allows you to buy products covered with the Walimai label with just one click and automatic payment. When you pay with WaBi coins,  you get other benefits such as discounts, bonus WABI Coin points for every purchase, and better delivery terms.