Best Parental Control App To Track Your Kids (2021)

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Last Updated on May 10, 2021 by Inaam

Looking for the best parental control app in 2021?

It is a nonstop duty of parents to keep track of children and their activities for safety and healthy growth. This difficult job starts when lovely kids wake up and start their day and finish when they go to sleep or join you in the family time. 


As a parent. It is your job to help your kids learn and become responsible citizens. On the other hand, it is also your duty to prevent them from the dangers, threats of the online world and make them safe.


To provide a safe digital environment, it is important to get information about all things and activities your kids are involved in. Be it online or offline, knowing what they are doing is key for the parents. We all know assuring the safety of your kids is an important part of their growth.


But how could you get information about what your kids are doing?


To show your kids the healthy and productive side of technology, once again we will rely on technology to solve this problem for us and create a solution. 

Although the internet has changed everything around us in a positive way, there are still things on the internet that are red light for the mindsets of new generations. And especially for parents who want to grow their kids in a safe, healthy, and civilized environment. 


To track all the activities of your kids, there are parental control apps out there with several key features such as monitoring their online activities, study level, and health.

Which Parental Control App Is The Best In 2021?


The best parental control app for 2021 is famisafe by wondershare. This app allows you to manage the content that your child has access to on the web. This is a wonderful way to keep them safe digitally.


The beautiful user interface and other advanced features of this app make it a must-have for all parents who want to keep an eye on what their kids are doing with their mobile and out of home with friends.


This parental control app has all the features that you need to track your kid and comes with a neat and attractive design that allows you to see what your kids are up to.


In this guide, you will learn how to download the famisafe app on all devices, sign up and use it in a way to trace your kid and ensure their safety everywhere, every day.

Compatible Devices- How To Download Famisafe App

Famisafe is available on all your kid’s devices including Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Kindle Fire. Downloading famisafe is like a piece of cake. No matter what kind of device you have. It is an easy process. 

Download Famisafe App On PC

To download the famisafe app on your pc, you simply have to click here to go to the official website. You can see all the platforms that Famisafe supports in the “available on” section. If you want to install it on windows, click on the windows icon to continue.

Download Famisafe On Android/iOS

To download famisafe on your android device, click here and select the android icon to install. It is that easy. If you have an iOS device, click on the iOS icon to download it on the AppStore.

How To Get Started With Famisafe

Famisafe gives you the option to try a trial before subscribing to the premium plan. If you want to check out the features of the app, using the trial version is the best option. 


Once you have downloaded it, it is time to sign up with your email, Google, Facebook account or  with an AppleID if you are using iOS.


Set Up Parent’s Device

Here are few simple steps to register a FamiSafe account on parent’s phones.

Step 1: The first step is to launch FamiSafe on your device. The sign-up page will open to create an account.  As I mentioned you have multiple options to create a famisafe account.

  1. You can  create a FamiSafe account using your email address
  2. If you have a third-party account such as Google or Facebook, you can use it to login and continue
  3. If you have an Apple ID, you can also use it to login (for Apple devices only).

Here is how the sign-up page looks like

Android devices:


For iOS devices:

Step 3: After you have signed up for te famisafe (using your email or third party  accounts), click Start to add your kid’s devices and start viewing their usage details.

Step 4: Once you click on start, a pairing code will show up that you can use to tie up your kid’s devices. Once you get the pairing code, the parent’s device is now set.


How To Create Famisafe Account On Website

You can also register a FamiSafe account on Famisafe website before downloading and installing FamiSafe on your phones. Once you have created an account on the website, download the famisafe app on your device. Login with the account you created on their website and follow the above process to get a pairing code.

Set up FamiSafe on Your Kid’s Android Device

Step 1: You need to download FamiSafe Kids on your kid’s Android device.

You can download FamiSafe Kids on Google play directly or you can go to their official website, click on the Android icon, which will take you to the Google play store to download and install.

After completing the installation, launch FamiSafe Kids on your kid’s device. Since you already created an account, you just need to tap on “Have an account? Log in” and log into your FamiSafe account with the same account that you used for parent’s device. Using one account on both devices is neccassary.

In case you have used third-party accounts  to log in on the parent’s device instead, then you need to choose  Pair with Code to connect the kid’s device. You need to enter the 6-digit you received on the parent’s phone to complete the binding. The pairing code is valid for one hour only. If it has been more time than that, get another pairing code. Then click on Start to go to the next step.

Enter Your Kid’s Details

The next step isto add some information about your kid like nickname, and age.

The next step is Grant certain permission and  access to FamiSafe to track the data of your kid’s device..

It is a must do step to  ensure the best performance of FamiSafe. 

  1. Activate Accessibility to allow FamiSafe to access the needed information.
  2. Activate display over other apps to allow FamiSafe to display on other apps when they are blocked.
  3. Activate App Supervision to get the detailed app activity report.
  4. Activate Notification Access to allow FamiSafe to monitor the notification on the kid’s phone.
  5. Activate Device Administrator Permission to set screen time limit remotely and prevent your kids from  uninstalling Famisafe. 
  6. Activate Contact List & Location Permissions, tap Allow on the pop-up window.
  7. Some Android devices have battery saving or battery optimization settings. For these devices, you need to allow FamiSafe to stay active in the background.

Step 7: You are all set! Now you can head back to your device to start setting up rules and check details of your kid’s Android device.




Set up FamiSafe on Your Kid’s iOS Device


The downloading and installing process is same like you do on Android devices. Download the Famisafe app on Appstore or go to their official website, click on iOS icon that will redirect you to Appstore for installation.

To ensure the best performance of FamiSafe on your kid’s iOS device, you will need to grant certain access to FamiSafe, install Profile, and turn on Content Blocker.

  1. Activate Location Tracking so that FamiSafe can track the kid’s location.
  2. Install Profile to allow FamiSafe to apply the rules you set:
  3. Tap on Install iOS Profile.
  4. FamiSafe will open Safari and download the Profile file. Tap Allow to proceed. If you are using iOS 14 or later, please make sure that you download the Profile file using Safari. Or the file may not be able to be opened.
  5. After the Profile is downloaded. Go to Setting › Downloaded Profile to find FamiSafe Profile.
  6. Tap on FamiSafe Profile tap Install. Enter your passcode, a window will pop up to ask whether to trust Remote Management, tap Trust.
  7. Tap on Install again.
  8. Enable Content Blocker to block websites.
  9. Go to Setting › Safari › Content Blocker.
  10. Turn the toggle on for FamiSafe.

Note: During installation, FamiSafe will ask for permission for Microphone/Photo/Location, please tap Allow when you receive the pop-up request.

Step 5: You are all set!

Features Of Famisafe Parental Control App

Activity report

With the Activity report,  you can see all the activities your kids do online. You will know which apps have been used during their online time?. Famisafe will show all apps that have been installed everyday along with  apps that  have been deleted. Another cool thing is that you know  how much time they spend on each app?  This will give you an idea if your kid is attracted to an app. You get all this information on your mobile.

Browsing history

This feature allows you to see all the internet browsing history of your kids. Of course they will try to delete it but this doesn’t  matter. You can view it anyway with famisafe browsing history feature. Also block sites that you think are not safe and secure for your kid or these websites could have a negative impact on the mind of your kid. To block sites, add all of them to the block list so they can not open them again.


Another great feature is that it shows the browsing history from private or incognito mode as well. This means that they cannot hide the history anywhere even in incognito mode. If you want to view history of long time like two or three months, Famisafe allows you to store up to three months of history for review. This helps you to get how your kid’s mind changes with time. Is your kid getting towards negativity ?

Famisafe Screen Time

The screen time feature is best for kids in thier school time or whenever you want them to avoid usin thier devices. Parent wants their kids to be at the top of the class and be successful in thier studies. But online addiction can decrease the chances of your kid achieving success and focusing on studies. 


With Famisafe screen time, you can set a time when they can and can’t watch their phone. For example, you can reduce YouTube screen time to 10 minutes from 9 am. to 12 p.m. Now your kids wouldn’t be able to use it thier phones in that time. This will cut down their screen time and they can focus on studies. Because if their mind is focusing  on one thing, they can perform better.

Another benefit is that the screen light is harmful for the eyes of kids, especially when they are using their devices in the evening. Limiting their screen time is the best way to protect their eyes from the harmful effects of the screen.

Famisafe Web Filter

Famisafe Web filter allows parents to create a safe online environment for their kids. It allows you to filter websites by categories to avoid any exceptions. The question is how is it different from a website block?

Well, when you block a website that you want your kids shouldn’t visit, there are still a lot of other websites in that category that your kid can browse online.

We know that every category, topic has hundreds of websites.  To solve this problem and make things simple for you, a web filter allows you to block the entire category as well. It can be anything that is bad for behavior and  the habit of your kids. There are 10 + built-in categories to block. For example, if you want to block all websites about drugs,  it will be annoying to find every single drug site and add it to the block list. Instead, it is easier to just block the drug category.Famisafe will block anything that is related to drugs. There are several more categories like violence, drugs, adult content that you can block..

The best thing is you can do all this without touching your kid’s phone. You can do this job from your phone anywhere anytime.

YouTube control

Who doesn’t use this attracting and time consuming app. YouTube is the most popular and most used video search engine on the planet. Almost every internet user spends time on YouTube every day. Kids are also loving it to see new toys, cartoons, and sports on.

But you can not allow your kids to browse it openly. There are still videos that are bad for your kids to watch. 

To prevent them and keep control of what they watch,  famisafe has an option to control the most popular video app in the world. You can view the watch history of your kid and play every video that your kid has watched on their phone. You can decide whether it is right or not for your kids to watch this. You can see if your kid has watched something wrong.

Safe search

Safe search tells you what your kid is typing in the search bar on different sites. Now you may think why I need it if I have blocked some websites and even categories?

So the answer is, you can get an idea of how your kid thinks and what is running in thier minds and what  your kid is interested in. Why thy search for the something. Also, famisafe would show if he searches for something that is in the blocked category. This will help you find out what your kid is looking for and what is the reason behind it?

Real-time location

Famisafe is not only taking care of your kid online. It will also inform you about the live location of your kids to ensure thier security out of the home. Beyond tracking your kid’s online activity, it is the responsibility of parents to know where their kids are. Are they going to a place that they shouldn’t go to? Are they going out of the safe zone? With a real-time location tracker, you do not need to chase your kids and ask where they are. Just turn on the real-time location on your phone.

Live location tracker will show the location of your kid in Google maps. Where your kid is going and on which route they are going. You will Know if your kid is at a strange or unsafe place just by going to the live location tracker on your phone.

Location history

Parents has often concwrns about hwere there kids have been evryday. They ask thier childern to jnow about this. It looks unpromising when you think your kid is lying to you. Famisafe knows this and comes up with a feature that tells you the history of your kid’s location.


Now you don’t need to ask your kid where they have been. Location history will show you whether your kid has been on a certain time. Know where they have been often. You can get the information of date-time and the place where they have been. For example if you want to know if they have gone to school, check the location history on the school time. In a matter of seconds, you will get the information.

Set geofences

This allows you to create your geofences like home or school around specific locations. You will get a notification when your kids arrive at home or leave school. You will get an alert when kids break planned routes.

It alows you to set a safe zone manually for your kid.

Monitor Apps

You can set up offensive words when they are deducted on your kid’s phone. Monitor all the apps to detect any explicit or offensive words that your kids use on their phones. For example,  if your kid uses an offensive word on WhatsApp, or when chatting with someone on sms, you will get an alert on your phone. 

Add all the apps you want to control and monitor. You can also see the photos that your kids share on these apps. You will see what photos your kids see and download on social media sites?

You can see the gallery of your kid to see the files on their devices. They can not store suspecious photos to see. Famisafe gives you complete control of your kids activities.