Best Online Course Platform In 2021- Kajabi Review

Best Online Course Platform In 2021

Last Updated on May 30, 2021 by Inaam

Managing different tools in your online business is a  difficult and time-consuming task. Not only it takes time and needs a decent amount of money s well. But despite being difficult,  you have to do this to continue your online business.


Because you think you do not have an alternative option.  You know WordPress and Wix for website creation. Mailchimp for managing your email campaigns. And Teachable and Woocommerce for managing and selling your products ad courses online. 

No doubt these are very popular software and have been around for years. But these are not the last and least options. Secondly, they come up with only one or two services for their users. They are not providing all the tools that you need to run your online business.

For example, the very first and important step of your online business is to have a website. You would need a hosting plan for it and then a content management system like WordPress. Once you have created your website, you need to have email marketing software like Mailchimp, ConvertKit, or Aweber. And to create and sell courses online, you need to switch to another program like teachable.

The annoying part is that every tool comes up at a cost and needs time to understand and get familiar with. It doesn’t feel good to log in several times for several programs. So what is the solution?

How could you ease your job and focus on important things?

Is there an option to reduce these expenses?


Switch to Kajabi.

Kajabi is an easy-to-use all-in-one tool that offers a lot of possibilities to online entrepreneurs.

Especially for course creators, there are so many features and ways to deliver your content professionally. Kajabi makes setting up an online business super easy. And it has absolutely everything you need for your business all in one place.

Kajabi is user-friendly and saves you a lot of time without having to worry about plugins or trying to piece together different platforms for customer management.

This awesome tool has everything you need to create, organize, launch, market & sell your next online course, product or membership.

Here is the introduction to this awesome platform to manage your online business

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is an All-in-One web-based software that allows you to create and host websites, courses, products and market them in an easy and simple way.  

It comes up with all the necessary tools at one place that you need to 

  • Create professional websites with clean, stylish, and responsive design
  • Creating digital products like online courses, membership, and coaching programs
  • Design sales pages and funnels to sell courses and software 
  • Send email campaigns to generate leads 
  • Accept online payments for selling your product

From hosting and creating a website to selling courses and managing emails, Kajabi has all these at one place and at one price.

Who is the target user of Kajabi?

Kajabi is for professionals who want to share their valuable information, skills, or product with others in an easy and professional way.  This includes selling digital software and courses.

Why Kajabi is an All-in-One tool?

Offering the user different services at one place and at one price makes it an All-in-One tool for online entrepreneurs. It replaces all the software that you need to build, run,  manage, and grow your online business.

But sometimes it looks like the package of different tools wouldn’t work like the one that is made only for a specific service. Just like WordPress for building a website and ConvertiK or Mailchimp for managing email campaigns. 

The question is fair.


Kajabi has the answer.

To get a clear idea of how Kajabi works, I will compare Kajabi with each tool that kajabi is a replacement. And we will start from the very first step and that is getting hosting for your website.

Hosting Services of Kajabi

Kajabi hosts your course on their website for free and you don’t need to purchase hosting. But they will give you a subdomain like This subdomain will be free. But this is not a good option for your business if you want to build a brand. I recommend you to integrate your own domain with Kajabi. It is only a two-click process. 

Which is the best website builder? Kajabi vs WordPress

The first thing that you need to start your online business is to build a website for it. .It’s no secret that WordPress is the most popular and most used content management system and website builder in the world. In 2021, WordPress is not the only player. There are now several website builders that allow users to build professional-looking websites without any design skills.

Kajabi Page Builder

 The kajabi builder is not behind other software when it comes to building and designing a professional, good-looking, clean website for your courses and digital products. Kajjabi has a simple and easy-to-use drag and drop builder to create pages according to your desire.

It also has a bundle of ready-made templates that you can use. You don’t need to have design or coding skills at all. Kajabi does this all for you by using the drag and drop builder. You wouldn’t need to use other builders.

Another advantage that kajabi has is you do not need to purchase a hosting plan. While you need this if you want to use WordPress. You need a domain to buy it separately. You have to buy a good theme as well to continue with your WordPress website

.On the other hand, kajabi does not need all this. To build your website in a matter of minutes, you can use kajabi templates that are designed according to the users’ needs. This simplicity makes kajabi a favorite tool for most creatives and entrepreneurs and a better option.

Another great feature that everyone is not talking about is the responsiveness of the website. Kajabi websites are automatically responsive so you do not need to worry about how your website would look on different devices.

Is kajabI a good option for E-Commerce? Kajabi vs WooCommerce

Adding products on the kajabi platform to sell is like a piece of cake. It has done all the important work for you like setting up your products, sales pages, and getting the payment from your customers,.

You have different options like creating a mini-course, online course, evergreen training, and membership areas. Users can pick your course type and start to build your product. You can set up the price and integrate with your payment providers like Stripe and PayPal. 

The best thing about Kajabi is that they do not take any transaction fees at all. Unlike other providers that will take a cut of every sale that you make on their platform.

Kajabi Email Service vs Mailchimp

Kajabi is totally one up MailChimp in my opinion with their visual editor. Once you click on marketing> email campaign, the user interface would not look so different from Mailchimp.

Kajabi has some of the gorgeous and great-looking email templates that are really interesting with a bunch of graphics and pre-built that you can tweak and design to your content.

You can send emails to different groups that you have created. The good feature is that kajabi tags the subscribers who have completed the email sequences. Kajabi gives you the space to decide who you are going to send emails to. Like if you want to send emails to those who have not received an email in the last 30 days or those who have not opened emails in the least 90 days.

We know that Mailchimp is also offering this but a lot of automation and segmentation is really powerful in Kajabi. You can create all kinds of automation with tags so you don’t need to have multiple lists.

You might ask that Mailchimp costs less, but once your email list grows, it will cost more than kajabi. So it is no way cheaper than Kajabi.

Kajabi Funnels & LeadPages

Once you have created your online course, it is time to get the attraction of the audience. To do this, you have to create landing pages that convert. Kajabi does this job for you and has designed pre-built landing pages if you want to use them.

You can do all this without hiring a developer. You do not need to go out of this platform

To create sales funnels, you have to choose and buy a different program like click funnels. The only job they do is to create funnels. But a huge advantage of kajabi is that they have this funnel built into their system already. 

There are a dozen or more funnel templates that you can use with a single click. You also get the option to create your own funnel from scratch by clicking on the planned funnel. You can integrate whatever you want like text, videos, email, and so on.